About Us

About GetReferral.CA

GetReferral.CA was founded in October of 2018 to help people find money saving opportunities to the products they use or are interested in.

It covers a wide range of financial opportunities from banking bonuses and credit card deals to travel savings and shopping discounts as well as credit management tips, affiliate marketing information, investment opportunities, and many other cash-making promotions.

Our hope is to provide a portal to the vast array of opportunities for that are available to consumers.

Submitting to GetReferral.CA

GetReferral.CA welcomes all submissions for promotional opportunities that consumers and businesses would like to see published on GetReferral.CA.

We accept any type of opportunity that will benefit our readers and will publish customer referrals, product giveaways, and other promotional offers that may benefit them.

Please feel free contact us using our contact page or you can email us at feedback@getreferral.ca