Flashfood Review and Referral

$5 Bonus for signing up

Bonus has been decreased to $5 when you spend $10

Flashfood Referral Code

About Flashfood

Flashfood is a company that has made purchasing food that is close to expiry simple and easy. Helping to reduce food waste and provide great deals to its customers. All from a very convenient mobile app.

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What stores are available

They have over 1000 stores that have partnered with them across both Canada and the United States. Here in Canada some of those stores include Loblaws and The Real Canadian Superstore

How much can I save

The discount varies. However we have seen deals as much as 50% off. You can browse multiple stores very easily. So it is also possible another store close by has a greater discount. Or a wider selection!

Flashfood App

If you are a new customer you can also get $8 $5 when you sign up with our referral code and spend at least $10.

Flashfood Benefits

  • Discounts as high as 50% off
  • Easily browse all the nearby stores with discount food
  • Convenient mobile app
  • Reduce food waste and protect the environment
  • Over 1000 stores across Canada and the United States
  • $5 Sign Up Bonus with Flashfood Referral Code SHAU2RPJP

Flashfood Referral Program

Flashfood has a pretty great referral program. As a new user you can get a $5 credit when you spend at least $10 on your first purchase. And can also get additional credits when you refer friends and family.

Update. The flashfood credit has been reduced to $5. This is still a pretty good bonus amount.

To Enter the code. Once your account has been created, click on Rewards and select “Redeem A Code”. Now enter SHAU2RPJP to receive the bonus when you make your first purchase.

Flashfood Redeem Code

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