Great Canadian Rebates Review and Referral

Cash Back

What is Great Canadian Rebates?

Great Canadian Rebates (or GCR for short) is an online web portal that gives you cash back on your purchases. For example, go to the Great Canadian Rebates website first and they will redirect you to your favorite shopping website. Make your purchase as you normally would. And get cash back credited to your account within days!

How does it work?

GCR is an affiliate marketing website. What that means is that they get money for sending people (you) to retailer websites. They then share that money back with you. This only adds an extra click or two, and for that, will make a percentage back on your purchases. For example, there are occasionally promotions where they will give a much higher cash back (over 4 percent).

Great Canadian Rebates Referral Program

Great Canadian Rebates


If you do a lot of online shopping. I would recommend purchasing via Great Canadian Rebates. It is an easy way to get a few percent back on your puchases. I will usually look on GCR or Ebates to see what site it providing the best cash back at the time. And every few months I will get cash or I redeem for Amazon gift cards. It is always nice getting something back for purchases I would have made anyways. Highly recommended.

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