Tangerine Review and Referral

$50 Bonus for signing up

Orange Key

Why Tangerine?

Tangerine is one of the leading online banks. Having ranked the highest in customer satisfaction among midsized banks in Canada for several consecutive years, as well as one of the highest overall satisfaction ranking of any size bank in Canada. Tangerine has made a name for itself in providing an almost no fee bank experience. Being an online bank means that all of your banking can be done online via webpage or mobile app from the comfort of your home or office.

What is a Tangerine Orange Key?

The Tangerine Orange Key is a promo code that Tangerine uses to track their promotions, most notably their referral program. This referral program is exactly as it sounds. If an existing customer of Tangerine provides their Orange Key to a new customer who signs up and deposits a certain amount of dollars, then both parties receive a cash bonus. If the new person does not enter in any Orange Key, then no bonus is provided so there’s definitely incentive to enter in a key! So make sure to use the code! See below on how to get started.

What about monthly fees?

That’s the beauty of an online bank. Tangerine does not charge any monthly re-occurring fees for their Chequings or Savings accounts. And you do not need to maintain any minimum balance. So there’s very little reason for you not to setup an account, even if you don’t plan to use it very much. Also, once you have signed up, Tangerine will issue you an Orange Key for yourself, which you can use to get more bonus’s just for referring your friends and family.

Earn an additional $150

Have your payroll direct deposits switched to your Tangerine Chequing Account within 90 days of successfully opening your account. Your $150 Bonus will be paid after 3 consecutive months of deposits
Switch 2 pre-authorized payments of at least $50 each within 90 days of successfully opening your account. Your $150 Bonus will be paid after 3 consecutive months of withdrawals.

Refer Friends and Family

After you open an account. Tangerine will give you your own personalized Orange Key. You can use this to give to your friends and family to sign up. For example, sign up with our key and get $50. Sign your spouse up with your new key, and you will get another $50 and so will they! You have now just made $150 total. Pretty easy. And you can refer up to 3 people each.

Tangerine No-Fee Chequing Account Benefits

  • No monthly fees!
  • No minimum balance requirement
  • First set of 50 cheques free
  • Interest on your chequeing account balance up to 0.65%
  • Interest on your savings account balance up to 1.20%
  • Free and unlimited debit transactions
  • Free and unlimited pre-authorized payments
  • Free and unlimited email money transfers
  • Free use of Scotiabank’s 3,500 ATMs in Canada, and 50,000 ATMs worldwide
  • Electronic cheque depositing via the Tangerine mobile app
  • Awesome sign-up bonuses when using the Tangerine Orange Key 61656258S1
  • Access to great Tangerine banking promotions

Special Savings Offer

Tangerine is now offering a bonus interest offer. Become a new Client and earn 2.75% interest in your first Savings Account for the first 6 months. This also includes TFSA, RSP Savings Accounts, RIF, and US Savings Accounts. No minimum balances! No matter what you’re saving for, you can set up a savings Goal with your Savings Account and customize it to visualize your targets. Whether you’re saving up for a new home, a big purchase or a well-deserved vacation.



Tangerine is one of the leading online banks. Providing traditional banking services with little to no fees. From bank accounts to credit cards. They also regularly have promotions to encourage moving your money to them. For example 3% return on any savings product. They also reward new customers by providing great incentives to sign up and give them a try.

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