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$60 Bonus for signing up

Bonus has been increased to $60 until June 17th

VirgoCX Referral Code

About VirgoCX

Founded in 2018 in Toronto, Canada. VirgoCX is a Canadian cryptocurrency exchange that is committed to providing easy and affordable access for all Canadians to buy and sell cryptocurrency. VirgoCX is also being one of Canada’s top-regulated exchanges.

Their platform has a very simple and easy to use interface that is great for beginners and advanced traders. The exchange aims to provide and simplify the trading experience for its users.

Opening An Account

Setting up an account is pretty quick. To sign up go to the website or app and enter your email address and create a password. Make sure to use the link below or use referral code dyxLPD65 to get a $30 bonus.

You will need to verify your account before you fund or start trading.

The requirements for opening an account is that you must be a Canadian resident and above the age of 18.

To verify your account you will be required to enter in some details to verify your identity. As well as submitting a few forms of identification such as drivers license or passport.

VirgoCX Referral Program

Virgo is offering new clients $20 when they create their account. And an extra $30 when they fund and trade $100. So $60 total.

If you are looking for a referral. Feel free to sign up with the button below. Or use referral code: dyxLPD65

VirgoCX Fees

VirgoCX has a simplified fee structure. They do not charge any fees on trades or funding of your account. This also includes funding in crypto.

They do however charge a flat 0.5% on withdrawals in FIAT (CAD or USD). Crypto withdrawals vary depending on the cryptocurrency.

Trading FeesFree
CAD DepositsFree
CAD Withdrawals0.5% (minimum $5)
BTC Withdrawals0.0005 BTC

The exchange makes money on the spread much like every no fee platform. We have found this to be around 0.65%. This is comparable to other exchanges such as Newton or NDAX.

VirgoCX OTC Service

VirgoCX offers an Over-The-Counter (OTC) trading service. This is crypto trading assets directly directly between two parties. These are generally larger trades. Upwards of $30,000 CAD. This is to a service that is between traditional crypto trading and financial services.

Using VirgoCX OTC desk, you don’t need to pay any trading fees (0%). They don’t charge anything on top. What you see is what you get.

Utilizing the OTC desk you can also completely eliminate slippage (price fluctuation between the time of order and execution of trade) and save up to 2% compared to trading on other exchanges.

Other advantages of utilizing an OTC desk are:

  • Best Pricing in Canada – You will have access to VirgoCX’s liquidity pools and will benefit from the most competitive prices in Canada for trading cryptocurrencies.
  • Access to Foreign Currencies – VirgoCX has unique market access via digital assets, allowing it to provide competitive pricing for other foreign currencies.
  • Rapid Settlement – VirgoCX OTC Desk provides same-day, no-limit settlement for USD and CAD trades. This also applies to Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, and any other cryptocurrency.
  • Personalized Services – You will have a dedicated team and account manager that are available 24/7 to help and support all your trade and business needs. You will also have access to industry insights on the cryptocurrency markets.

Is VirgoCX Safe?

VirgoCX advertises that they have best-in-class security. They comply with Know Your Client (KYC), Anti-Money laundering, and anti-terrorist financing policies. They have also made two-factor authentication (2FA) mandatory for all their users.

The exchange also encrypts all sensitive data such as passwords and employ multiple layers of security. The exchange is a registered FINTRAC business and is also regulated by the Ontario Securities Commission.

VirgoCX stores 95% of their crypto assets in cold storage though a Ledger Vault. Only a small amount of crypto is available in hot wallets for trades. They also have never add a data breach

VirgoCX Features

  • No fees for funding or trading
  • Advanced trading view
  • Great selection of cryptocurrencies are supported. Over 23+
  • The exchange is available on all major platforms. Including Apple iOS, Google Android, and a website portal.
  • Quick Trade – For quick trades or beginners. Buy and Sell from this simplified interface.
  • Instant Orders and Limit Orders.
  • CAD and USD Supported – Fund or withdraw in the currency of your choice.
  • 24/7 Live Support – A dedicated team to answer questions or provide assistance at any time of the day. Available via phone, email, or live chat.
  • OTC Service – For clients that want to trade over 30,000. This service provides superior liquidity and privacy. With a dedicated support team.
  • $60 Bonus with the VirgoCX Referral Code dyxLPD65 or the button below

Offer Details: Must sign up with referral button below and must complete phone, email, identity verification and purchase at least $100 worth of cryptocurrency. No commitment. You can withdraw your funds at any time.



Founded in 2018 in Toronto, Canada. VirgoCX is a Canadian cryptocurrency exchange that is committed to providing easy and affordable access for all Canadians to buy and sell cryptocurrency. VirgoCX is also being one of Canada’s top-regulated exchanges. Make sure to sign up with a VirgoCX referral code and you will receive a nice sign up bonus and an additional bonus when you make your first trade.

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