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Myprotein Referral Code

Note: The Myprotein referral program changes regularly. Discount amount will be anywhere between 30-40% or a free gift.

Our Myprotein referral code will be whatever the current new customer promotion is. This offer is available for both US and Canada.


There seems to be a lot of feedback about this company and their business practices. Bad reviews, scam accusations, and Better Business Bureau Feedback (F Rating) that the company ignores. Some of these issues are:

  • Product not arriving
  • Poor customer service
  • Product not as described
  • Misleading their certifications
  • Discounts being random and not what they advertise
  • Accounts being closed for no reason or made up reasons

We have reached out several times over the past few months but have not received any feedback from them other than someone will get back to us. So we are adding this disclaimer to warn our readers until they respond.

About Myprotein

Myprotein is a leading sports nutrition brand that started in the UK and has grown globally. They deliver a wide range of quality products. Some of these products include protein powder, nutrition bars, vitamins, high-protein foods, snack alternatives, and performance clothing.

They have an incredible selection of products at the some of best prices on the market. Their products are also some of the highest rated by customers and have received numerous high scores with third party reviewers.

Myprotein Referral Program

You can get up to 55% off your first order when you sign up with a Myprotein Referral Code.

Note: The bonus seems to change every few weeks. The percentage is anywhere from 30 to 40 percent off. Or sometimes just free gift. Myprotein seems to adjust their referral program regularly. But regardless, it is the same for everyone.

You can enter the code on the website when viewing your cart to see the current offer.

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Myprotein Benefits

  • Great customer reviews and customer support
  • Gluten-free and vegan options for protein supplements
  • Customers can search via dietary needs
  • Affordable, ethically made, and accessible
  • Environmentally friendly practices
  • Some of the highest quality protein powders available
  • Free shipping on most orders due to free shipping promotions
  • Ships internationally
  • Regular sales with up to 60% off
  • New customers can get additional discount with a Myprotein Referral Code <REDACTED>

Myprotein Quality

The quality of Myprotein whey products is some of the best out there. Impact Whey Protein has a Grade A ranking on Labdoor. The Myprotein Impact Whey Protein is ranked as the 2nd highest for quality and in the #1 spot for value. So you can be sure you are getting some of the best whey proteins available.



Myprotein produces some of the highest quality protein powders and nutrition products. Their pricing is competitive for the quality they provide. They also have regular sales with up to 60% off and free shipping. Make sure to use a Myprotein referral code when you sign up to get a nice discount on your first purchase.

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