Is Myprotein a Scam?

Myprotein is owned by The Hut Group. And although they are a legitimate company. They have a very bad reputation of being anti customer.

From poor customer service, shady promotional deals, and even their referral bonuses have been misleading.

They will purposely raise prices then offer a percentage off bringing the price back down to the regular price. Lots of companies do this, but not to the level Myprotien does. There is a “sale” almost every day.

Here is another example, here is a screenshot of a referral. Although they say it is $35 per referral at the time. They only paid out $19.40. There are lots of reports of them doing things like this.

Our Myprotein Experience

As an influencer. We were promoting for them. Both on our blog and social media. We had let them know previously and made sure to follow their terms and conditions.

We woke up to our account being shut down. And the following message that the reason was due to using the word “discount” on the blog.

Here is the page there were referring to:

We had used the word “discount” because the promotion at the time was up to 40% off. So the word discount would be the correct verbiage to use.




  1. a deduction from the usual cost of something, typically given for prompt or advance payment or to a special category of buyers. “many stores will offer a discount on bulk purchases”

This seemed like a mistake surely.

However, we would send multiple emails. Create new accounts to send support tickets. (If you don’t have an account you can’t contact them) However they would just give canned responses and then close those accounts also.

All attempts to contact them would be ignored or brushed off.

So upon looking further into this company. We would find some not so good reviews.

The BBB has actually given them an F rating. And they rarely would respond to any complaints. Most likely due to not being able to defend their actions. Despite this we still made a complaint. And of course, we were also ignored.

They use Trust Pilot for their own reviews. So we decided to write a review, and they do actually respond. But as we quickly learned, these are also canned responses.

For many of the negative reviews, they will say they have responded to you by private message. But we never did get any meaningful responses. And we are not the only ones.

To look at what others are saying:

Also, looking at the positive reviews. These look to be forced reviews usually right after a purchase. And before someone has actually received any product or service.

Lost shipments

MyProtein was good when there were no issues. But there were on a few occasions where the problems kept happening.

For example, we had ordered some clothing. The items were shipped. We would receive a tracking number that showed the shipment left their warehouses. But the tracking would just stop at that point.

So what did we do? We let them know. They canceled the order and said to order again. So of course we did, the prices would change, usually higher. And then the same thing would happen again.

The chances of this happening twice in a row is concerning. This isn’t a one off error. It shows that this is something that happens regularly.

Our Verdict

We would advise purchasing elsewhere if possible. You will save yourself the grief when the issues do eventually happen.

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