Neo Review and Referral

$35 Bonus for signing up

Neo Referral Code

Get your Neo Card today with a $25 bonus. And get an additional $25 $10 when you open a Neo Money account. That is a total of $35 in bonuses for signing up.

Update: January 22nd 2024 Neo reduced the referral bonus from $50 to $35. Still a great sign up offer.

Use the sign up referral button below to see the current offer amount and terms directly from Neo. Or use our Neo referral code above when prompted for a promo code when you sign up.

What is Neo?

Neo is a technology company that is attempting to build a better financial experience for its users. Founded in Calgary in 2019 by the same people that built SkipTheDishes, the leading mobile food delivery service in Canada. Their goal is to create a smarter spending, saving and rewards experience for Canadians.

Neo provides its users a safe and secure way to save and spend though their platform. The Neo Credit card is provided by ATB Financial and is backed by the Mastercard network.

Also, read our review and sign up through our page to receive a $50 welcome bonus.

Is Neo Safe?

Neo Money account is provided by Concentra Bank. They are a CDIC member institution and is eligible for CDIC deposit protection. This means your money is fully protected and insured for up to $100,000.

Neo Referral Program

Neo gives new users that sign up for their card with a Neo referral code or link $25. This is reward cash that can be applied to your balance at any time. Or use it towards merchandise in the app.

You can also get an additional $10 if you also sign up for Neo Money and deposit $50

If you are looking for a Neo Financial Referral. Use the button below or use the referral code E6B8C9Y7 to sign up and start earning amazing cash back today.

If you don’t use the sign up link below, you can enter the code in the promo code box.

Sign up with a neo referral code

Neo Card Rewards

Neo Card can save you up to 5% on average in cash back. To earn cash back, simply pay with your Neo Card and Neo will reward you in cash back that can be applied to your account at any time.

You can also now also redeem your rewards cash against exclusive items. These items currently are Neo merchandise and a few other items from cookbooks, backpacks, bath bundles, and hair products. The selection is limited. However this is something to keep an eye on as they add more products.

If you want to grow your cash back even further, you can cash out to your Neo Money account and gain interest. As of June 22/2022 your money will get a 2.25% return! Neo Money is a pretty great savings account to have.

Neo has thousands of partners across the country, including the majority of major gas stations, grocery stores, restaurants, gyms, coffee shops, and much more.

Use the app to find out which companies in your area offer additional cashback and bonus benefits. Your cashback rate will rise as you spend more at some partners!

Neo Card Benefits

  • No annual fee
  • Up to 4% cashback rewards on their free standard card
  • A huge amount of partners offering additional cashback incentives. Up to 30%
  • No over limit or Inactivity fees
  • Redeem cash back points at any time towards card balance, savings account, or merchandise.
  • User friendly mobile app
  • Support Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Mobile Alerts
  • Mobile Virtual Card
  • $35 Bonus with Neo Referral Code E6B8C9Y7 or use the sign up button below

Neo Secured Card

Neo also has a secured card product. If you have no credit or just looking to rebuild your credit, you can sign up for a Secured Mastercard. There is no hard credit check and it is a guaranteed approval.

This card also has the same amazing benefits of their regular card. So you will still get the same cashback and partner perks. You will also have access to a virtual card and mobile app access to keep track of your spending

Your credit limit will be the same as the amount of money you secure on the card account. The minimum to get started is $50. Most secured cards in Canada require on average a $500 deposit; so this is one of the easiest secured cards to get. This money is stored securely and in the event you wish to close the account, all remaining funds would be returned.

Neo Money Savings Account

Neo also offers an amazing saving account that you can open once you have signed up for you Neo Financial Mastercard. You can sign up from the mobile app.

Some of the benefits of the Neo Money Savings Account is 2.25% interest on your balance, no fees, unlimited transactions, and no minimum balance is required.

Use your account to pay your bills, make deposits, send e-Transfers, save for that big purchase, or link to other accounts to transfer or receive funds.

Once you have signed up with a referral code and deposited $50. Neo will now give you an additional $10 bonus. Sign up today and you and get some extra money. It is a pretty great offer.

Neo Money Benefits

Neo Invest

With Neo you can invest like the 1%. Let Neo actively manage and rebalance your portfolio while navigating the ever changing markets. You will get 3x more asset classes and investment strategies to help balance your portfolio risk and protect you from sudden market changes. Neo has 3 different investment accounts:

  1. RRSP – Plan for retirement
  2. TFSA – Everyday investing account that lets your savings grow without paying taxes
  3. Personal – When your contribution limits get in the way. Still a great option

There is no bonus currently for investment accounts. But you can still use a referral code and sign up for the Neo Card or Neo Money (savings) accounts.

Sign up with Neo Invest

Frequently Asked Questions

No. There are no monthly or annual fee's. The account is entirely free.

Sign up with the referral link above. Or use the referral code E6B8C9Y7. You will get your bonus as soon as you open a credit account. Or after you deposit at least $50 for the money/savings account.

At the time of this post. The current offer is $25 for a credit product. And $10 for the money/savings accounts when you sign up with a referral code or link.

To verify, you can click the sign up button and at the bottom of the product on the sign up page it will display the current sign up amount.

On the sign up page. Click "Add a promo code". You can then enter ours. It is E6B8C9Y7

You can also use the sign up link. If you do not see the promo code box. It is already entered. Enjoy the bonus!

If your account is new. Reach out to support and ask them if they can still apply the referral. In our experience their customer service is really good.

Yes. The Neo Money account is provided by Concentra Bank, a CDIC member institution, and is eligible for CDIC deposit protection. Deposits held in Neo Money accounts are combined with eligible deposits held at Concentra Bank, for up to $100,000 of deposit protection, per category, per depositor.

And the Neo High-Interest Savings account is provided by Peoples Bank of Canada, a CDIC member institution, and is eligible for CDIC deposit protection. Deposits held in Neo High-Interest Savings accounts are combined with eligible deposits held at Peoples Bank of Canada, for up to $100,000 of deposit protection, per category, per depositor. For more information about CDIC deposit insurance, please consult CDIC’s website

Only $50 needs to be secured to start building credit.

Offer Details: Must sign up with referral sign up button or Neo referral code and must complete phone, email, and identity verification.



The Neo Mastercard allows Canadians to earn some great cashback rates at partners. Sign up was extremely easy. And the mobile app seems to be well developed. There also seems to be a decent amount of partners so far. However we are hoping for a lot more to added in the future. Even if you don’t have many partners around you, this is still a great base 1% card with no limits or fees. They also offer a very attractive sign up incentive when you use a Neo referral code like the one provided. Currently the bonus is $25 for the Neo Card and an additional $10 if you sign up for a Neo Money account.

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