Skip The Dishes Review and Referral

$5 credit off your first order

To sign up for Skip The Dishes and get a $5 credit. Click the referral button below.

Note: SkipTheDishes has changed the minimum order amount from $15 to $40 as of June 2022

What is Skip The Dishes?

Skip The Dishes is a technology company that connects customers with restaurants and drivers that will deliver the food right to your door. Customers order through the SkipTheDishes website or mobile iOS and Android apps. They can pay for their orders online with a credit card and there is no need for any money exchange when your food arrives; including tip.
Restaurants receive orders on their integrated mobile apps, and couriers are allocated to orders through their integrated mobile apps. Restaurants that normally do not have delivery can now do so via Skip The Dishes.
Customers can view the status of their orders through live updates on the webpage or app, and are given transparency into the location of their assigned courier through GPS tracking. No more wondering how far away your food is!

Getting Started with Skip The Dishes

Sign up is easy. Go to the webpage via the link below for your new user credit and create a new account. You can then order right from the webpage, or download the mobile app and sign in with the same credentials while you are on the go.

You can search for restaurants in your area, and select your food choices. Skip does not charge service fees, however we have found that some restaurants will offset their own fees by increasing their food costs. So expect a slight difference between the restaurant and the app or webpage.

Payment and tipping is all done through the Skip the Dishes webpage or mobile app. So you do not need to pay anything at the door. And you can easily track your order and how close the driver is. We love watching the little car on the map as it gets closer to us!

Ready to get started? Click the button below, enter your location and find great eats near you. On the checkout page you will see your $5 credit on any order over $40 with our Skip The Dishes coupon.

Referral Program

Skip The Dishes has a pretty good referral program. Allowing users to share their a referral link and allow others to get a coupon that can be used by new customers to get a few dollars off their first order. The current offer is $5 off any order over $40. This Skip

The Dishes coupon is only for new accounts. You can use the sign up button below and take advantage of this offer and get started with Skip The Dishes today.

Skip The Dishes Benefits

  • Large selection of food choices
  • Webpage and mobile app are extremely easy to use
  • Registration is fast
  • App supports iOS and Android
  • Track your order/delivery driver
  • Payment and tipping is all done via webpage or app
  • Reward system to earn points towards purchases
  • $5 credit for new customers when they use a skip the dishes referral

Offer Details: $5 credit on your first order over $40



Skip The Dishes allows Canadians to easily purchase from restaurants and have their food delivered right to their door. Sign up was easy. Choosing what you want from such a large selection of restaurants and food, now that was the hard part. No longer restricted to limited delivery options, Skip opens up a huge selection of food options. Not without its issues, sometimes you don’t always get the best delivery driver, or the restaurant makes a mistake, however Skip The Dishes customer service has always been top notch.

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